OMG! This explains a lot about my life and my experiences in this body. I found myself saying”these humans “ and then I’d wonder” who am I “

As a child I new that my mother didn’t know me and that somehow I

scared her, but didn’t know how, because we never fight or anything, I guess, because I didn’t get into their games, I just observed them.

I have 9 siblings and they don’t know me either, but I can say I know them well, (their characters)‘even though have been living in US for more than 30 years alone.

I like being alone, but never feel lonely.

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I started following you when you were on Bridging Heaven To Earth with Allen. Thank you for your teachings.

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This reminded me that during my early years in this incarnation, I would refuse to eat any food that I was not familiar with. Kind of like “ew that’s not food!”

Sometimes my dad would stuff some into my mouth, and then I would start eating if it tasted good. XD

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