Dear Inelia We! I have some questions for the ‘we’ which I’m asking for our human collective ❤️

1 What is awareness?

2 Does awareness have a viewpoint?

3 Is awareness itself different than the awareness of oneness?

4 Does the awareness of oneness have a subject or object?

5 Do human beings need to have a view to be able to be aware of awareness?

6 What are the tools human beings can use to be fully aware of awareness?

7 Is it possible for a human being (or any other sentient being) to perceive complete awareness through a viewpoint, or is it only possible through direct experience without viewpoint?

8 A point without a view being a potential and the point with a view having the possibility to become aware of itself, what is the most easy and efficient way for a human being to connect the dots between becoming aware of itself and living its full potential in every moment?

Love ❤️


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Apr 10·edited Apr 10

This is so exciting! Do share more ♥ we love it!

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Fascinating! The We first "insoulated" themselves , and later incarnated :)

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This is a hot topic for people that want to remember.

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