Dear Inelia We! I have some questions for the ‘we’ which I’m asking for our human collective ❤️

1 What is awareness?

2 Does awareness have a viewpoint?

3 Is awareness itself different than the awareness of oneness?

4 Does the awareness of oneness have a subject or object?

5 Do human beings need to have a view to be able to be aware of awareness?

6 What are the tools human beings can use to be fully aware of awareness?

7 Is it possible for a human being (or any other sentient being) to perceive complete awareness through a viewpoint, or is it only possible through direct experience without viewpoint?

8 A point without a view being a potential and the point with a view having the possibility to become aware of itself, what is the most easy and efficient way for a human being to connect the dots between becoming aware of itself and living its full potential in every moment?

Love ❤️


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Once you define “awareness” you can answer the rest: Awareness = having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge

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This is a hot topic for people that want to remember.

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Apr 10, 2023·edited Apr 10, 2023

This is so exciting! Do share more ♥ we love it!

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Fascinating! The We first "insoulated" themselves , and later incarnated :)

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In the early days Inelia, you used to talk of I. Now you keep on talking about "We". Who are the "We"? Are these the Arcturians whom you used to refer to as your people in your early years and early videos :)?

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How do the We know they are eternal? Is it possible they are playing the game of forgetting so they could have a fully immersed experience as the We (similar to human experience ) but have a much much longer memory which they believe is eternal?

Do eternal beings not have an origin point?

I feel like I should know the answers to these but it’s confusing.

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This article “Pre-birth” opened up a little tiny bit about “Meeting Humans for the first time” I know there is something astonishing, but I still don’t get it.

The mind is continually being blown, but the soul is slowly remembering.

Thank you!

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